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Come on Irene

Several days ago seismic activity rocked the East Coast. Within hours, Hurricane Irene plans to roll into town. Are you ready?

We’re not suggesting you run out and clear the shelves of milk and bread. We’re simply suggesting that you take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety and that you are prepared to deal with any potential flash flooding, power outtages and the like. 

We’d like to recommend, an informative online resource by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency.  Be sure to have batteries, water and various other needs in the event there is a power outtage, water advisory or other related activity due to the storm. Be sure to check in with family and friends in low lying flood prone areas to ensure that they are prepared. Receiving several inches of rain may not sound like much, but flash flooding, downed power lines and leaves strewn about the roadways can only make matters worse.

While many of us enjoy the convenience of our VISA Debit Cards, VISA Credit Cards and online services, you may want to consider visiting a branch or ATM to have a bit of cash on hand.

We encourage all members who live or work within Irene’s path to think safety first. If you truly don’t need to be out and about while she’s visiting our area, then consider sitting tight and enjoying some relaxing quality time at home.

Stay dry and safe Southcentral PA! If you need us, we’re only a phone call away at (800) 283-2328 or at your local branch.

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