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Watch out for deer this time of year


It’s that time of year when deer are on the move. According to a State Farm Auto Insurance 2013 Deer-Vehicle Collision Report, here’s the top 10 states with deer crash risks. Yep, Pennsylvania made the list:

1. West Virginia – 1 in 41
2. Montana – 1 in 65
3. Iowa – 1 in 73…
4. South Dakota – 1 in 75
5. Pennsylvania – 1 in 77
6. Minnesota – 1 in 80
7. Wisconsin – 1 in 82
8. Mississippi – 1 in 84
9. Arkansas – 1 in 89
10. Michigan – 1 in 92

We’d like to pass along the following*:
• Deer are most active between sunset and midnight, and during pre-dawn hours so watch for them.
• Migration and mating season is October-to-January.
• Slow down in posted deer-crossing areas.
• If you see one deer, remember that others are probably nearby.
• Use high beams at night in deer territory when there is no oncoming traffic.
• If a deer is frozen in your headlights, honk your horn in a loud, sustained blast.
• Don’t rely on deer whistles or roadside reflectors; they have not been proven effective.
• If you can’t avoid a deer, brake and stay in your lane. Don’t endanger other vehicles.
• If you strike a deer, do not touch the animal. It may harm you or further injure itself.
• Call police immediately if you hit or are hit by a deer.
• Take pictures of the accident scene and vehicle damage for your insurance claim.

Lack of auto coverage will cost you in ways you can’t imagine. The experts at Members 1st Insurance Services know car insurance and can help you design a coverage plan tailored to your needs: comprehensive, collision, bodily injury liability, property damage liability, injuries caused by uninsured/underinsured motorists, and medical payments. Ask us about rental reimbursement, repair or replacement coverage, towing and labor coverage, gap insurance and more. Call us for a free insurance quote at (800) 283-2328, ext. 5218 or 5245 or visit our insurance services web page.**

*Source: Insurance Information Institute 
**Insurance services are avialable to Pennsylvania residents only.

What’s the difference between a credit union and a bank?

Mature couple enjoying in the park.
They both have money, tellers, ATMs and similar products and services. While all things financial may appear to be quite similar, rest assured there are a few significant differences that set banks and credits unions apart when it comes to how each respective financial institution operates. Where you do your “banking” is your personal choice. We just thought you may like to know the differences between banks and credit unions in the event you’re looking for a financial institution or if you’re not happy where you currently are. Making an informed decision as to where to take your hard-earned money is important for your financial future. Take a look at the differences between banks and credit unions:


  • Generate profit for stockholders, Make decisions based on what will give stockholders more profit.
  • They are commercial businesses. They offer services to make a profit.
  • People who buy stock in the bank own shares of the business
  • Serve customers from the general public. Anyone can use a bank.
  • Their Board of Directors are paid a salary. Daily operations are performed by a paid staff.
  • Only people who own stock can vote for the Board of Directors. The customers who use the bank do not have a say.
  • Income is returned to the stockholders in the form of higher dividends on their shares of stock.
  • Like other for-profit businesses, banks must pay taxes to the government.
  • Deposits are federally insured up to $250,00 by the FDIC, a government agency.

Credit Unions:

  • Are not for profit, not for charity, but for service. Without a “profit motive,” they make decisions based on what’s best for their members.
  • Are financial cooperatives. Members pool their savings to provide low-cost loans and low-fee services to each other.
  • Each member is an equal owner regardless of how much money they have on deposit.
  • They exist solely to serve their members. To be eligible to open an account and use the credit union’s services, an individual must meet current membership eligibility requirements within their field of membership per the credit union’s charter.
  • Unpaid volunteers elected from the general credit union membership serve on the Board of Directors and guide the credit union. Daily operations are performed by a paid staff.
  • As owners, members elect fellow members to serve on the Board of Directors.
  • Income or profit is returned to the members in the forms of better savings rates, lower loan rates, and low or no fees for services.
  • Like other not-for-profit institutions, credit unions are exempt from paying federal income tax.
  • Deposits are federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, a government agency. The NCUA’s insurance fund is the healthiest of all federal deposit insurance funds.

If you’re looking for a place to do your “banking” and you’re not a member, consider Members 1st Federal Credit Union.

Unite for Good as a Credit Union Member


Guest Blogger: Bob Marquette, President & CEO, Members 1st FCU

Since 1948, credit unions from around the world have come together to celebrate International Credit Union Day and the credit union difference. More than 196 million members of credit unions in 100 countries worldwide benefit from credit union services, and the number of members grows every day. By comparison, we serve over 247,000 members across the globe.

On October 17, 2013, we are joining in this world-wide celebration and invite you to visit your local branch that day to receive a token of our appreciation. Celebrating the history of the credit union movement with that of our own is something we do every day. Any credit union history lesson will tell you that credit unions were built on the cornerstone of cooperation. People pooled financial resources together to help those who needed it.

As you are aware, unlike many other types of financial institutions, we are not in business to make a profit. Credit unions all over the world are a united front focused on you, the member-owners, with an unwavering belief in the “people helping people” philosophy upon which we were built.

We started our Credit Union in 1950 with 9 members and a desk in a hallway. When I first started here in 1986 as a Mortgage Department Manager, I remember our having only seven branches and the services we offered included Personal Service Loans/unsecured lines of credit, ATM cards, and other basic financial products (checking accounts, CDs, etc.). Since being promoted to President and CEO in 1997, we have added 45 new branches and a full range of financial products and services for both consumers and businesses. We employ over 800 people and are one of the top 50 fastest growing companies in Southcentral Pennsylvania. We’ve grown in response to the needs of the community, our members, our volunteers and staff. We are fortunate to be able to seek out new market areas successfully. We’re here to make your lives and Southcentral Pennsylvania a better place.

While there’s the business side to Members 1st, we also have a cooperative spirit that goes beyond what’s contained within the walls of our branches and administrative headquarters. It extends far into the communities in which we exist and serve. Each of our associates is required to be involved with a minimum of two community or charitable events each year. They participate in everything from parades, fairs, and community clean ups and nights out to business expos, distributing food, and financial education initiatives at local high schools to name just a few. Individuals in our business development positions attend countless events each week not only representing our credit union but also networking to get to know other business and community leaders to better understand their needs and those of the community and plan ways to engage in mutually beneficial partnerships for all.

In 2012 alone, our associates participated in more than 234 community and charitable events and provided 4,767 volunteer hours for the benefit of our local community. We also participated in a total of 245 chamber of commerce events. Members 1st and our associates raised and contributed over $494,183 to charitable, civic and credit union industry organizations. In the first half of 2013, our associates have participated in 121 events, giving 2,593 volunteer hours to the local communities. We’ve contributed over $262,000 to many local charities and community organizations to date.

As you can see, we don’t just build buildings; we build solid relationships – with members, with businesses, with community organizations, with government officials, to name a few. In the spirit of “Uniting for Good,” this year’s International Credit Union Day theme, we promise to do all we can to support the communities where we have branches and to help you get the financial products and services you need. Together, let’s unite for good and make Members 1st and our local communities the best they can be. Thank you for being a member. We truly appreciate your business and your trust in us.

You like us -You really do!

We want to thank the readers of a few local publications for taking the time to vote for us in their annual readership surveys. Your votes help reinforce the reasons why we are the preferred financial institution of choice in SouthCentral Pennsylvania for thousands of members – 187,000 plus to be exact. Now on to our news!

For the 8th year in a row, the readers of Harrisburg Magazine  have voted us “Simply the Best” Credit Union.  This annual readership survey runs from January and through the end of March. Winners are announced in the magazine’s August issue. Be sure to watch for the 2012 ballot so we can keep our winning streak going.

Readers of The Sentinel voted us the “Best Credit Union” in the Carlisle and West Shore areas. Voting for this annual readership favorite contest typically runs in May and June with winners being announced in late July.

Members 1st was also honored as a “Who’s Who in Business” in the York (PA) area by the readers of Susquehanna Life magazine  and as a “Family Favorite” by the readers of Central PA Parent magazine.

Thank you readers of all publications for the public confidence you place in us when it comes to your personal and business finances.

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