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Summer Reading – Financial Books for Kids and Teens

School is out for summer! While kids and teens may want to fill their days with playing outside, screen time or even a seasonal job, reading should be on their summer to-do list as well. The benefits of summer reading are endless! Not only is reading a life-long skill, summer reading can help keep your skills sharp and challenge your brain and who knows… you might just learn something.  

Reading and Discussion 

Parents, did you know reading to your kids can help with their skills in communication, literacy, comprehension, listening and more? While middle and high schoolers are likely reading on their own, it is still important to engage with them about what they are reading. Book discussions are a great idea. Grab your own copy of the book they are reading and read it yourself. Whether you are reading to your kids or with them, strike up a conversation about the book. Book discussions can facilitate questions, new perspectives and foster understanding and growth at any age. 

Book Topics Matter 

While reading books is important for kids and teens, your book topic is equally as important. Books about money and finances are excellent resources to educate them about the power of saving, sharing and spending. This knowledge could help shape their financial decisions in the future. As Sir Francis Bacon once said, “knowledge is power.”  

Undertake Some Self Discovery 

As you read along with your kids or partake on book discussions on financial education, take a closer look at your own habits both literary and financially. Do you read books and are you handling your finances well? While you might not believe they are listening to you 100% of the time, your kids are most definitely watching you. As a parent and role model, before you recommend that they dive into a book or handle their finances better, make sure you are doing the same. Finally, do not forget to remind them that reading and financial education can be FUN! Check out our book suggestions below for your kids in elementary, middle and high school. Happy reading!  

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