Soggy Day

How’s the weather where you are? Here in Southcentral PA, we’re having more than our fair share of soggy days. The rain is coming down in buckets and schools, businesses and roadways have been closing throughout the day. And now, we are no exception.


Our HERSHEY RT. 322 branch and our MIDDLETOWN branch located at 361 E. Main Street are now CLOSED due to flooding. All other branches and our Administrative Headquarters are closing at 5 p.m. today. 

Our electronic services are available. Please be careful if you need to use one of our ATMs and watch out for flooded roadways. Excercise caution when driving through puddles or standing water because they may be deeper than you realize. If you do not need to venture out, please stay off the roadways so that emergency and related personnel may have a clear right of way if needed.

Thank you for your understanding due to this severe weather emergency.

Labor Day and celebrating the worker

This weekend marks the official end of summer. It’s Labor Day weekend, a time typically marked by the beginning of football season, the last of the summer picnics, fireworks, various festivals, and back-to-school. It began in New York City in 1882 as a day to celebrate the economic and social achievements of American workers.  So here’s to you, the American worker!

Given the ups and downs of the economy, it’s not always easy being an American worker or any kind of worker for that matter. That’s why it’s important to always be prepared in the event you find yourself involuntarily unemployed for reasons such as downsizing, companies closing, medical emergencies, illnesses, disability or even your own death. When you’re not working and not bringing in money, it’s hard to pay the bills. The last thing we want to see is all of your hard work and well-earned money be turned into foreclosures, bankruptcies, delinquencies or repossessions.

We want to help you protect your credit and your good name. The next time you get a loan from us, ask us about Member Value Protection (MVP).  When you opt to purchase MVP, you’ll get the peace of mind in knowing that your monthly loan payments will be cancelled in the event of death, disability or involuntary unemployment. Your consumer loan payment will be cancelled without penalty, added interest, or being reported as delinquent to the credit bureau.*

This program offers several different options. That means flexibility in choosing the package that’s right for you. Each option has specific eligibility requirements and a different range of benefits. For complete details, including monthly costs for each option, be sure to inquire about MVP when you apply for your loan.

* Whether or not you purchase Member Value Protection will not affect your application for credit or the terms of any existing credit agreement you have with Members 1st Federal Credit Union.  There are eligibility requirements, conditions and exclusions that could prevent you from receiving Member Value Protection benefits. Ask us for details or refer to your contract and/or terms and conditions.

Come on Irene

Several days ago seismic activity rocked the East Coast. Within hours, Hurricane Irene plans to roll into town. Are you ready?

We’re not suggesting you run out and clear the shelves of milk and bread. We’re simply suggesting that you take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety and that you are prepared to deal with any potential flash flooding, power outtages and the like. 

We’d like to recommend, an informative online resource by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency.  Be sure to have batteries, water and various other needs in the event there is a power outtage, water advisory or other related activity due to the storm. Be sure to check in with family and friends in low lying flood prone areas to ensure that they are prepared. Receiving several inches of rain may not sound like much, but flash flooding, downed power lines and leaves strewn about the roadways can only make matters worse.

While many of us enjoy the convenience of our VISA Debit Cards, VISA Credit Cards and online services, you may want to consider visiting a branch or ATM to have a bit of cash on hand.

We encourage all members who live or work within Irene’s path to think safety first. If you truly don’t need to be out and about while she’s visiting our area, then consider sitting tight and enjoying some relaxing quality time at home.

Stay dry and safe Southcentral PA! If you need us, we’re only a phone call away at (800) 283-2328 or at your local branch.

New Middletown Branch opening 8/29

We love to make things more convenient for you. That’s why we’re opening our 49th branch on Monday, August 29 at 361 East Main Street, Middletown. This new full-service branch replaces the in-store branch that we operated within the Giant Food Store in Middletown.

The 3,518 square foot branch features 3 drive-thru lanes, self-service security boxes, and an image-enabled ATM.

A ribbon cutting will be held to mark the occasion. And we’ll have a special Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, September 24, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event will feature a live broadcast with WRBT “Bob” 94.9 FM from 10 a.m. to noon; free hot dogs, soda and water (while supplies last), games, prizes and a drawing to win a free iPad.

We currently have 48 branches located throughout Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon and York Counties and serves over 187,000 members worldwide.  In addition to our new Middletown branch, we will open two more branches located at 901 Lititz Pike and 1815 Hempstead Road in Lancaster in September and October, respectively. Watch our website for details.

For more information about becoming a member, call (800) 237-7288 or visit

It’s back to school time

Who out there has a college-age child either leaving home for the first time or making a return visit? As your child heads off to school, make sure they packed the right financial aides and supplies to help them manage their money while they’re away.

Today’s students are environmentally conscious. That’s why we offer free online banking, complete with free eStatements and a variety of online services to help them keep track of their spending. Since it’s unlikely to see them without some sort of electronic device in their hand, we offer mobile apps for smartphones, Blackberry™ and other web-enabled devices. Using these free apps will help them know how much money they have or don’t have. Members 1st Online is particularly useful in monitoring our Rewards Checking Account. You can view pending transactions and all cleared transactions including those affiliated with our debit card. 

And don’t forget about the power of plastic – we offer personalized debit cards that work in conjunction with their Rewards Checking Account. Our debit card offers a monthly cash-back rebate and users can earn 5 cents for every qualifying transaction (transactions that don’t require a PIN or are not ATM-related). And, we don’t charge any kind of monthly usage fee like other financial institutions started doing. We also have re-loadable pre-paid VISA cards and of course two VISA Credit Cards to choose from.

We also offer overdraft protection for their Rewards Checking Account and Debit Card transactions.

Those college years are the best time to stretch their financial independence and gain some real-life experience on their own without having any monetary mishaps along the way.

Don’t let insurance needs fall through the cracks

Natural disasters can happen right here in Southcentral PA and today’s earthquake is evidence of that. Earlier this afternoon the East Coast felt the rumblings of a 5.8 magnitude earthquake centered northwest of Richmond, VA. We felt it right here in Mechanicsburg, PA!

In the past year, we saw first-hand what a spring tornado can do. We’ve experienced the Susquehanna River flooding. We’ve seen our share of sinkholes. Maybe it’s time to think about your insurance needs for “just in case.”

Members 1st Insurance Services is here to help you. A natural disaster can happen anywhere not just within the confines of a certain geographic location. We offer a free, no-obligation insurance quote and have products to meet a variety of typical personal insurance needs such as auto, boats, valuable items, personal umbrella, recreational vehicle, condominium, dwelling fire, homeowners, renters wedding, mobile home and flood.

Call us at (800) 283-2328, ext. 5218. A little advance planning right now can make a potential disaster a lot less stressful.

You like us -You really do!

We want to thank the readers of a few local publications for taking the time to vote for us in their annual readership surveys. Your votes help reinforce the reasons why we are the preferred financial institution of choice in SouthCentral Pennsylvania for thousands of members – 187,000 plus to be exact. Now on to our news!

For the 8th year in a row, the readers of Harrisburg Magazine  have voted us “Simply the Best” Credit Union.  This annual readership survey runs from January and through the end of March. Winners are announced in the magazine’s August issue. Be sure to watch for the 2012 ballot so we can keep our winning streak going.

Readers of The Sentinel voted us the “Best Credit Union” in the Carlisle and West Shore areas. Voting for this annual readership favorite contest typically runs in May and June with winners being announced in late July.

Members 1st was also honored as a “Who’s Who in Business” in the York (PA) area by the readers of Susquehanna Life magazine  and as a “Family Favorite” by the readers of Central PA Parent magazine.

Thank you readers of all publications for the public confidence you place in us when it comes to your personal and business finances.

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