Back-to-school Shopping Tips

During the back-to-school shopping season in 2019, The National Retail Federation expects families of children from elementary to high school to spend $696.70 and families with college students to spend $976.78. Total back-to-school spending is expected to reach $80.7 billion. Below are five simple back-to-school shopping tips:

  • Take stock of supplies already in your home. Have you unpacked the kids backpacks from the end of last school year? Reuse last year’s supplies that are in good shape. Only buy what they actually need.
  • Hit the dollar store first for the essentials and save big. Also consider buying for the mid-year restock while prEducation, Back to School, Shoppingices are low during back-to-school sales.
  • Host an end of the summer fashion show and ask the children to create ten outfits from the clothes they have to prepare for the first two weeks of school. Then, if it’s important to you and the children, consider getting one new “first day of school” outfit.
  • After taking stock of the essentials already in your home, supplies and clothes, create a back-to-school budget. Take into consideration school fees, beginning-of-the-school-year fundraisers, and extra-curricular startup costs.
  • Shop without the children. Print the school supply list and hit the store on your way home from work one evening. A kid-free shopping experience is faster and less stressful. Plus, when you arrive home with several bags of supplies for the children – they will be elated!

Back-to-school shopping is a financially overwhelming endeavor.With a little thought and planning, this year could be your smoothest shopping experience yet.


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Be sure to set up card controls to monitor your spending, and help detect fraud or suspicious activity while you are shopping.


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