Mobile Card Controls: Easily Manage & Monitor your Cards

Financial security is a concern for everyone. Mobile card controls were developed as just one way to protect your debit and credit cards from fraudulent in the event they are lost or stolen. Read below to learn about additional benefits and features of card controls.

Card Control Benefits

  • Monitor your spending – or the spending of minors whose accounts you oversee.
  • Reduce fraud by preventing the card to be used at stores, locations and more that are outside your normal spending habits.
  • Manage your finances by setting a daily dollar limit to help keep your budget in check.

Card Control Features

  • Lock/unlock your credit/debit card in real-time*- This allows you to disable your card from use if it has been lost or stolen. When the card is turned off, all transactions, with the exception of recurring payments, will be declined.
  • Use customized options for your alerts – You can use alert preferences, tailored to your spending patterns, to notify you of unusual purchases through the app. Alert preferences are divided into four categories: Locations, Merchant Types, Transaction Types and Spending Limits.
  • Know when and where your credit/debit card is being used – Select the types of merchants your card can be used at. For example, you could choose to allow purchases at all merchants except restaurants. You can also choose to allow only certain types of transactions, such as in-store, online, ATM, mail/phone order and more.
  • Set spending controls to help you stay on budget – Select a dollar limit for transactions on your card. When the dollar limit is exceeded, the transaction will be declined.

*Please note that any recurring charges to your card will still be accepted.

Enable Card Controls Today

All card controls on your Members 1st debit and credit cards are housed in one easy-to-use area of Members 1st Online and our mobile app. You may simply go to Services » Card Management to get started.

If you have questions and need assistance, call Customer Service at (800) 237-7288.

Below are a few photos of what the Mobile Card Controls screens will look like on your mobile phone.

You can access card controls by tapping card management on your the menu on both the mobile app and on your desktop. From here you may access Alert Preferences, Spending Controls, and more.

Main Card Controls screen:


Spending controls screen:


Alert Preferences screen:


M1 red and black horizontal logo

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