Security Features to keep your Credit and Debit Cards Safe

The convenience of credit

EMV Chip

  • The Chip in your card prevents counterfeiters from skimming your magnetic strip and copying that information.
  • EMV chips generate a new code for each transaction, making it extremely difficult for criminals to duplicate.
  • Counterfeit card use at chip-enabled merchants is down 66% compared to two years ago.

Mobile Card Control

  • Turn your card on and off. If you lose your card, can you temporarily turn it off until you find it. Or have the safety of knowing that it is turned off if there is actual fraudulent activity.
  • Set up alerts for certain transactions and usage.

Travel Alerts

  • Notify your financial institution about international travel or travel outside of your normal go-to places, so that your account isn’t suspended for possible fraud. At Members 1st, you can set up your alerts by logging into Members 1st Online and choosing which card you will be using.

Credit Score Updates

  • Be notified when your score changes.
  • Some institutions, such as Members 1st, provide your credit score through online banking. Simply log in to Members 1st Online and view your FICO score in the main menu.

Safe Usage

  • Do not let others use your card. Most merchants do not require signatures anymore, so you should treat your card like cash.
  • Do not give your credit card PIN to anyone. Both credit cards and debit cards also  have Personal Identification Numbers associated with them. If you give this out, that person can easily take a cash advance on your credit card or withdraw funds from your checking account.

Learn more about Members 1st’s debit card and credit cards.

Questions? Go to or call us at (800) 283-2328, ext. 6035.

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