5 Tips Every College Freshmen Should Know


In high school, teachers regularly remind you of assignments and you are in a set routine. There is no need to be overly organized. In college, that is not the case. At the start of the semester, a professor hands you a syllabus and that becomes your potential schedule. Professors are not obligated to remind you of assignments. On top of upcoming assignments and tests, you are in a new environment with an endless list of activities and clubs to try out. Take our word for it, a day planner will keep you organized and you will be less likely to fall behind on your school and social life.


Either a few weeks before or the first week of the semester, you will receive a book list – don’t freak out; the prices listed are easily avoidable. Textbooks sold and rented at your college book-store may be overpriced. Amazon and Chegg are two sites that could chop your costs in half, by letting you rent their books for a reasonable price. Though, if not specified, wait until the first day of class to see if you really need the book or if the professor put it on hold at the library.


id you know your school may have a writing center? Or counseling center? For many college students, it is difficult to adjust to the new environment. You pay for these services in your tuition. If you are feeling overwhelmed or need help with papers, don’t be afraid to utilize the resources available to you.
With your student email, programs such as Microsoft and Adobe have student discounts or are completely free. You may be able to use your student ID at local restaurants and businesses. Not all places have a sign, so be sure to ask the next time you buy a coffee or purchase a movie ticket.


You are now a freshman; you have four years till you graduate. Don’t let that fool you – time flies. Now you are graduating. Internships and potential jobs require references, so who are you going to ask? College is not only about learning; it is also about networking. Visit your professors during their office hours and really get to know them because they can help you in the long run.


College can be stressful. Taking time to relax or going to your favorite café is crucial to your success at college. There is nothing wrong with taking 10 minutes out of your day to scroll through your social media or have a little fun. Doing something you enjoy will make a difference in your mood and how well you do on school work.

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