Getting back to the basics

Members 1st Federal Credit Union enjoyed record growth in 2017 and looks to continue that trend in the year ahead.

“We were fortunate during the past 30 years to have worked with an inspiring leader whose heart was full of passion for making our Credit Union one of George Nahodil 101617-RESIZEDthe preferred financial institutions in the area. Now we continue to forge ahead to carve a new path and direction for Members 1st while remaining true to who we are. As we move into 2018, we want to reinforce the message that we are local. We’ve been here in this very community since 1950. Our associates are all local. We know this area and we pride ourselves on having very strong and solid roots throughout the region. Rest assured, we’re not going anywhere,” says George Nahodil, President & CEO of Members 1st.

Getting back to the basics is a solid strategy for the Credit Union in 2018. “People need to understand not only who we are, but what we do, how we do it, and why we’re different,” said Nahodil. Members 1st is one of many financial institutions in the area who offer the same types of products and services. Th e difference comes down to industry operating philosophies.

“We’re a credit union. We’re not a bank. We do not have shareholders who we pay dividends to. Our members reap the rewards of any earned profits in terms of fewer fees and better rates. We have a volunteer Board of Directors who do not receive any compensation. We live by the example of the founding principles of the credit union movement – it’s all about people helping people,” explained Nahodil. “You have to appreciate your roots in order to survive and move forward.”

Putting people first comes easy to Members 1st as its focus is on the customer (member) experience. “We’re fortunate that our annual membership satisfaction survey showed a score of 96.9%. That says a lot about our brand,” said Nahodil.

In 2017, Members 1st added 74,510 new members bringing its total number of members to 381,665. The Credit Union is forecasting that membership growth will again increase in 2018 while deposit growth and loan growth is projected to increase 9.52% and 9.11%

The Credit Union has partnered with 9,056 businesses and organizations in the area to offer credit union membership to their employees. The Credit Union’s associates participated in 292 local community and charitable events resulting in 5,789 hours

What’s in store for Members 1st in 2018? As the Credit Union continues to grow, it will be adding more positions in its call center, information technology, member service and other areas. It is also considering additional branch locations. As with any business, the
Credit Union continues to watch the ever-evolving technology landscape.

“People are quite mobile and you have to accept that fact. There are many touch points involved in the service realm. Just about everyone has some sort of connection to the Internet. Customer service has become a multi-faceted experience. You need to understand the mobility of people and their expectations. In today’s customer service landscape, you have to be able to provide quality, consistent delivery across a myriad of
touch points including phone, online, and in person. We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our electronic and mobile channels to make things more attractive,
efficient, and convenient for our members,” added Nahodil.

The Credit Union continues to enhance its product lines including commercial lending and will introduce and a new Home Equity Loan product in the first quarter. “We also continue to look at technology and the resources we offer. We want to continue to offer our members the latest and most secure electronic banking services with ease of use,” said Nahodil.

Everyone talks about improving their customer experience and Members 1st isn’t an exception. “When it comes down to it, it’s about building relationships. It’s about the interaction within that relationship. Are you delivering what you say you’re going to deliver? Do you go above and beyond or do you do just enough to satisfy the moment? We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled experiences with every member contact. How we treat our members is a huge testament to our brand. If we fail at any time during any delivery point, that’s a reputation risk we don’t want,” said Nahodil.

The Members 1st of 2018 looks to be introspective. “Taking a good fresh look at who we are and where we’ve been will help us clear the path and define where we’re going. Sometimes you have to step back to truly see yourself in order to move ahead,” added Nahodil.


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