Saving During the Big Game

A great party doesn’t have to leave your account empty or you credit card maxed out. A party should focus on the memories made spending time with the ones you care about and rooting your team onto victory!  We’ve come up with some tips to help you host a party while maintaining your budget.

Get the word out with out spending a dime! Electronic invitations, or evites, are a great way to save money and still send an invitation to your shindig. There are many different ways to do this, including creating a Facebook Event and inviting people that way! It’s a great way for guests to discuss carpooling, designated drivers and what everyone bringing.  For those not on Facebook a good old fashioned phone call can mean a lot.


What’s a party without food? This piece of the party equation doesn’t need to require hours in the kitchen and a large grocery bill.  Stick with simple staples that don’t require too much attention like cold cut sandwiches, dips, chips and slow cooker items.


Don’t be afraid to let your guests contribute! You can help yourself and have your guests contribute by telling them a specific item to bring or by calling your party an exchange. This is a great way to exchange your favorite appetizer recipe or tell your friends about your favorite craft brew! Invite your younger guests to participate by encouraging them to bring their favorite snack or juice.

Paper Football

Don’t forget about your younger guests For a Big Game theme you can make the “Kids Zone” and have inexpensive entertainment for them like coloring sheets or teaching them how to make paper footballs so they can score their own field goals.

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