New Year’s Resolutions


Now’s the time for #newyearsresolutions. You probably hear everyone around you saying “In 2018 I’m going to…” with goals ranging from health, to materials, to financial achievements. No matter what it is you want to achieve there are a few fundamentals to being successful.

  • Don’t stress yourself! Resolutions can be completely customized to fit your lifestyle and your goals. If something is too stressful you won’t want to do it, so think of a resolution that you will want to incorporate into your life. That’s not to say don’t push yourself, but it’s important to stay realistic.
  • Break your resolution down into short-term goals! Creating short-term goals, or check-in points, can help you stay on track to achieving your resolution. For example, if you want to have a $1,000 emergency fund by 2019 plan to have $250 saved by April 1. This is the end of the first quarter of the year and is the first quarter of your goal. By July 1, aim to have $500 saved and so on.
  • Don’t go it alone, join a team! Recruit friends and family members that have the same or similar goals. Having others to encourage and encourage you can make it fun instead of feeling like a chore. At the end of the year you can do something together to celebrate your success!
  • Reward yourself! Focusing on a goal too hard can deter you. Celebrate your small successes. Did you hit your first quarter goal for that emergency savings? Give yourself a pat on the back because you did it! Be your own cheerleader and be proud of each step you take in the right direction.


Before you know it you’ll be planning your 2019 New Year’s Resolution.

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