An Incredible Summer with Members 1st!

The summer of 2017 with Members 1st is one that I surely will never forget. Hello, my name is Daulton Weaber and I was fortunate enough to be selected for the role of the Marketing Intern. What I learned over this 12-week course could not be reciprocated, I worked with some of the best professionals in the industry.  In a time where education and experience are held so valuable, Members 1st was able to provide me with an abundance of both. It was truly an unparalleled experience delivered.

I was a Sophomore at Penn State Harrisburg studying finance when I first heard about the internship opportunity that Members 1st offers. Right away I knew that it would be great if I was able to take my first footsteps into my career as an intern at Members 1st.  Towards the middle of my junior year I started the application process, by spring break I was contacted about an interview.

It was already an accomplishment that I got an interview. I knew I was in good company. The interview consisted of me and six Members 1st associates. I was eventually offered the internship position in Marketing. How exciting! Now it was time to get to work. Through orientation I was able to learn on a macro scale how the credit union operated. We talked about core values and learned the operating systems. After orientation, I was sent to the Marketing Department where I would have a summer that I will never forget.

The first day on the job is always nerve-racking but I went into it with an open mind and the team welcomed me graciously. In fact, by the end of the first week I already had more experience than I thought I would receive. I was immediately entered into meetings, and received a work load. I was not just confined to myself in a small cubicle, I had the opportunity to genuinely be a part of the team. I worked in the field, setting up and working at events. I was part of the Golf Committee for our annual golf outing, where I had a very hands-on role in organizing for that. I was taken to other branches for meetings between our Outreach Coordinators and Branch Managers.  Not only did I get experience with my department but I had the ability to explore any facet of the company. Everyone was more than willing to sit down with me and answer all of my questions.

Delivering unparalleled experiences is one of Members 1st core values. This strongly shows in every aspect of the business. I gained valuable experience and enjoyed every day of it. I am so fortunate to have had Members 1st help create the building blocks of my career.

Apply today for the opportunity to be one of our 2018 interns! Click here!

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