A gift that keeps on giving…

Recently a member visited our Elizabethtown Branch to cash in her coins at the coin counter.  This simple task that is a daily occurrence at each of our branches stood out because this member had bigger plans for those coins than a gift for herself.

The member had announced her retirement from a local nursing home in February. In lieu of gifts she asked her coworkers to donate their spare change into a collection can.  On this day she decided it was time to cash in her coins.  She saw a total of just over $388 in coins alone! Once the miscellaneous bills that were also collected in the coin can were jar art with blue background added in, our member had a grand total of $550!  The most amazing part is that this money she raised she gave back to the hospice center of the nursing home she was retiring from in the form of Visa® Gift Cards. These gift cards will be used to purchase requested items for the hospice patients and their families, such as a nice meal out or personal items.

As we approach the holiday season it is important to remember that sometimes the gift with the most impact and sentimental value may be the one that we can pass along to others. This member was able to obtain these gift cards fee-free because of her Member Loyalty Reward Level which allowed the entire amount raised to go towards the people she cared so deeply about.

This is just one example of how credit union members spread the “people helping people” philosophy on which the credit union movement was built.

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