What exactly does it mean to “be a member”?

Happy Multi-Generational Family

Do you remember when you opened your account and the member service representative, or even Members 1st Online, asked you for a $5 opening membership deposit? Do you know what that represents?

That small opening deposit represents your “share” in the credit union. While this is not like a “share” of stock, it represents your sharing in the ownership of the credit union. All members of every credit union are considered an “owner” of that financial institution.

Once you establish your initial account, typically a savings account, that opens the door for you to start doing your financial business immediately – making deposits, applying for loans, applying for a credit card, establishing electronic services, and so on.

As a member-owner, you have a say in what happens at the credit union. Each year, credit unions have an Annual Meeting where members are invited to hear updates about the financial status of the credit union as presented by the credit union’s volunteer Board of Directors and various members of management, including the president and chief executive officer. Each year members may submit petitions to be considered for a seat on the board of directors. And, as a member of the credit union, you’re eligible to participate in special events such as member bus trips, contest/giveaways, and other fun member related activities and programs.

As a member, we encourage you to tell everyone you know (we know how you  LOVE to talk about us) about our products and services. You can earn a referral incentive through our CASH4U program for every referral you make to us who opens an account. So when you hear your immediate family members, neighbors and co-workers talking about not so happy experiences with their current financial institution, there’s your opportunity to tell them about your happy experiences with us.

Credit unions are all about the people they serve, not profits. We don’t have stockholders or paid board members. Our focus is people helping people with the vision of being the preferred financial institution and an employer of choice in the South Central Pennsylvania Community. It’s our mission to serve our community and partner with our members to offer value-added financial products, services, solutions, and no-compromise member service by:

  • Delivering unparalleled experiences
  • Creating and maintaining a culture that supports a high level of associate morale and satisfaction
  • Providing resources and leadership to enhance our community presence
  • Ensuring opportunities for associates’ professional development

What’s it mean to be a member? It means you are part of a financial family that truly cares about your personal financial goals, needs and wants. We’re here to help you in any way we can so that you can make the most of that small opening deposit in your savings account.

Want to learn more about the differences between a credit union and other financial institutions? Click here.


Are YOU a member?

If not, be sure to visit us at members1st.org to learn how to become a part of our Members 1st family.

If you are a member, visit our website via your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer and keep up-to-date with current events and special offers!

Do you work for a company that doesn’t offer credit union membership? Click here to learn how your company, organization, school, or church can offer credit union membership, a great free benefit for all!

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