Heading to College? Tips and Tricks you Should Consider.


high school students

Back to school time is rapidly approaching, and we are here to make sure that you and your family take the proper steps to ensure that the transition period is as easy as possible. Below is a checklist that you can use during the moving out process so your family is ready for this exciting time!

  • If you are ordering anything for college, see if you can have it delivered to a store near your campus.
  • Rent books from Amazon or Chegg- it’s much cheaper than buying books brand new!
  • Walk or use transportation provided by the college or university to save money on gas.
  • Budget your money for the week; this will limit the amount of impulse buying.
  • Consider your meal plan options carefully. Be sure you understand the fee structure or you could end up paying a lot of money for a plan that offers little in return. While deciding, consider where you will eat and how frequently you will dine at the cafeteria or food court. Some places on campus may require a meal swipe and extra funds, or as an alternative go grocery shopping and cook for yourself. Ask what happens if you don’t use all of your meal plan money each semester- does it carry over or is it a use it or lose it kind of deal?
  • Use coupons and sign up for loyalty programs! Most restaurants will mail out coupons that will help you save money when you can’t resist fast food.  Grocery stores often have loyalty programs that will give you opportunities to save money at the checkout line, and potential earn credit to use on other purchases!
  • Save all the change you have, you won’t believe the amount of money it will turn into when you cash it in.
  • Sell your books back at the end of the semester, you won’t get much for them but it is better than nothing!
  • Buy a reusable water bottle and refill it through the day, you will save a lot of money instead of buying water bottles!
  • Go to events on campus that offer free food, you could end up enjoying your time and join a great club.


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