Fire safety and preparedness starts with you.

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Fire Prevention Week is October 6-12, 2013. Do your part in preventing fires every week, better yet, every day.  Unlike other types of disasters, most home fires can be prevented. From the kitchen to romantic candlelight, to holiday decorations and common household items, things you see and use every day can quickly spell disaster if you’re not careful.

Members 1st Insurance Services offers the following tips:

  • Install a smoke alarm on every level of your home. Test it monthly. Replace the battery at least once a year.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher on all levels of your home, especially in the kitchen.
  • Never overload power strips, extension cords or circuits. Do not place cords and wires under rugs, over nails or in high traffic areas.
  • Use appliances wisely. Watch out for overheating, unusual smells, sparks and shorts.
  • Make sure your wiring and heating system are updated and inspected by a professional.
  • Use safety caps on unused outlets especially if you have small children.
  • Clean your chimneys annually. Use fire screens.
  • Portable heaters need space. Keep a minimum 3-foot distance between them and anything combustible.
  • Do not use gas grills or camping stoves inside. Kerosene heaters should be used with caution.
  • Teach everyone in your home that matches and lighters are not toys.
  • Clean dryer vents and lint filters with every use.
  • Clean out. Piles of clutter are a fire hazard.
  • Practice escape plans from every room in the house. Learn stop, drop and roll.
  • For more tips, visit

Call (800) 283-2328, ext. 5128 or 5245 today or visit

* Insurance services are available to Pennsylvania residents only. Ask us if you qualify for additional group rate discounts through our insurance carriers.

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