We’re a Visa V.me Participant

Visa V.me logo

Buying has never been easier or more secure! Members 1st is pleased to announce that we’re an early adopter of VISA’s new digital wallet solution called V.me. That means you have a more secure way to make your purchases when shopping online. When you enroll your VISA credit card or VISA debit card in VISA V.me, you’ll be part of the fastest, easiest and safest way to buy online. This means you can:

– Shop online without re-entering your payment details on Web sites where V.me is accepted
– Access your cards with just your email address and password
– Set up and manage alerts* so you can receive updates when your account is used

It’s easy to get started! If you use our home banking service (Members 1st Online), just log into your account on Members 1st Online, enroll your VISA debit/credit cards by clicking on the VISA tab and choosing “Visa V.me Digital Wallet.”

Members 1st is always thinking about how we can improve your transaction security, and we anticipate that you’ll hear more about this new technology as payment options continue to expand. Whether you’re already a frequent online shopper or a planner that looks for the best deal and shops online occasionally, V.me by VISA digital wallet is a service you’ll want to take advantage of. It will make your transactions simple and safe, plus it’ll provide you with “real time” information to help you manage your credit card/checking account. If you have questions about V.me, please contact our Card Services Group at (800) 283-2328, ext. 6035. Make sure to set it up today!

*Currently, alerts are only available for eligible VISA cards.

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