Our Members Earned Almost $2 Million in Rebates!

If you’re not reaping the rewards of being a member at our Credit Union, then you are not taking full advantage of your account relationship with us. Just remember R&R go together — rebates and relationship. The more you work on your relationship with us, as in using more products and services, the more you’ll benefit in terms of rewards. It’s like peanut butter and jelly – it just goes well together.

To give you an idea as to how this works, the total amount of rebates earned by our members in 2011 was almost $2 million! That’s right, $2 million! That’s big bucks back in your wallet! If you’re not a member of our Credit Union  right now, can you say that your current financial institution does that?

Members who use our VISA Debit Card received a total of $865,098 in Swipe 5 rebates last year. The average annual rebate was $10.15. Our Business debit card members earned over $21,940 in Swipe 5 rebates. The average business card earned about $7.85.

Our VISA Platinum Rewards Credit Card cash-back rebates posted to member accounts late last fall and were based on total purchasing activity within the year. In 2011, over $954,000 in rebates were earned! The average rebate amount was $57. One member earned over $2,100! The more you use our credit card, the more you earn!

We reward business members, too, when it comes to VISA. A total of $129,730 in business VISA Credit Card rebates was deposited into member business accounts. The average reward received per participating business was over $110. And get this – one business received $24,521!

For more information on how you can reap the rewards of rebates, stop by a local branch today or call us now at (800) 237-7288.

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