Are You Reaping the Rewards?

If you could get a few extra benefits with minimal effort, would that pique your interest? How many times are you at the checkout and asked if you have a bonus or rewards card? If you have one, you usually end up getting some sort of discount or offer to redeem during your next visit.

We reward loyalty just like other retail outlets. All you need to do is to take advantage of the following. Follow the links for more details or stop by a branch near you. 

  • Member Loyalty Rewards – You could get more services for free, reduced consumer loan rates, bonus certificate rates and pay fewer fees.
  • Swipe 5 – Use our debit card in conjunction with our Rewards Checking Account and you’ll earn 5 cents on every single qualifying non-PIN based transaction. That means, use your card as “credit” (not at an ATM or type in your personal identification number) and make some extra money every month.
  • Annual Cash Back Rebates or Reward Points – As a VISA Platinum Rewards Credit Card holder you can earn cash back based on your annual purchasing activity or you can choose to earn non-expiring points for travel and shopping. The more you use your card, the more you earn!
  • Overdraft Protection – Some may not consider this a reward, but you’ll feel like it is when you don’t bounce a check, automatic payment or debit card transaction and end up incurring a chain reaction of fees. Opt to have overdraft protection from your regular savings, supplemental savings, money management account, personal line of credit or home equity line of credit and you’ll keep your account in check.
  • CASH4U – Refer someone you know who doesn’t have an account with us (and who is not a join owner on an already existing account) and when that person opens their account, we’ll give you $5. It’s easy money! Pick up a CASH4U referral form at a branch or call us at (800) 237-7288.
  • Special Offers – We like to provide offers that we believe are of value to you. These may involve discounts on TurboTax, enter to win contests and the like.

It is rewarding being one of our members. It’s about more than just having a place to put your money. If you’re not a member, we invite you to compare us with your current financial institution. While we may offer similar products and services, you may find that there are differences in how things work behind the scenes. If you are a current member, remember that you can always make your relationship with us stronger by using more products and services.

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