Ask and you shall receive an entry

Money talks.  What’s an extra $100 say to you?

If you’d like to have an extra $100 in your pocket then you’ll want to participate in a little event we’re doing on Friday, January 27 called the 50 Branch Challenge. We’re celebrating the fact that we now have 50 branches throughout SouthCentral Pennsylvania. Throughout this day, you can stop by any of our branches to ask an associate for your official entry QR code to use to enter online. You can only enter this giveaway online using this special QR code. There’s only one online entry per person and you must be over age 18.

Let’s review… we have $100 to give away and you want to win it:

1. Visit any of our 50 branches on Friday, January 27
2. Ask an associate for the 50 branch challenge official entry QR code
3. Scan the QR code using your smart phone or other electronic gadget
4. Provide us with your contact information
5. Wait for us to call you to let you know that you’ve won (only one winner will be randomly selected from all of the online entries received)
6. Connect with us via our Facebook page and Twitter to follow the day’s events and see if your picture is posted

You may run into members of our Marketing team who will be randomly visiting branch locations throughout the day. They’ll be taking pictures and giving away Members 1st logo items. Join in the fun if you see a team member at the branch. Photos will be posted on our Facebook page. See you on Friday!

For more details, stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter @Members1stFCU.

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