Refer and you shall receive

Given today’s economy, we know that extra cash is a hot commodity. Did you know that as a member of our Credit Union you can earn extra cash when you make a referral to us? That’s right, for every referral you make who opens an account, we’ll give you $5. All you need is a CA$H4U brochure and a willingness to bring up the topic of credit union membership.

Once you pick up the brochure at one of our branches (or call us to request one at 800-237-7288), fill out some brief information about you and pass it along to someone you know. What’s that – you don’t know who to give it to?

You probably have friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. If they are not already a member or a joint owner on an existing account, then start talking.  Here’s how it’s done – You don’t need to dig into anyone’s personal financial business. With brochure in hand, simply say something like, “Hey, I picked this up the other day. I thought you might be interested in Members 1st.” Tell them how much you like “banking” with us and maybe share a story or tip such as “I know you mentioned you were looking to buy such and such. My credit union has a really good loan promotion going on right now. They really helped me with my home equity loan. Think about checking it out.” And then give them the CA$H4U brochure. Your referral simply needs to open an account and provide us with completed form in the brochure. You’ll receive $5 and your referral will be on his or her way to being a happy member. Once your referral is a member, then he or she can also start making referrals and earning extra cash.

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