A Day to Celebrate


Since 1948, credit unions from around the world have come together to celebrate International Credit Union Day and the credit union difference. More than 217 million members of credit unions in 109 countries worldwide benefit from credit union services, and the number of members grows every day. By comparison, we serve over 330,000 members across the globe.

Today, Thursday, October 20, we celebrate International Credit Union Day and the impact credit unions make in members’ lives every day. Not only do credit unions offer great member service, better rates, and lower fees, we also provide access to financial services and improved economic opportunities for our members, both business and non-business.

Our Board of Directors, Senior Management, and associates would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation, gratitude and sincere thanks to all of our members who have accounts with us and who rely on us for their personal and business financial needs.  We appreciate your business and trust more than you know. Thank you for choosing us as your financial institution.

To our associates, you help make the credit union difference by helping our members get in to a better financial position. You make things possible for our members when they may think that everything is impossible. Together we make Members 1st a place where dreams are encouraged and achievements are celebrated. We make things happen today so that our members have a brighter tomorrow.

Each and every one of us will continue to position Members 1st to respond to inevitable changes in technology, membership, and the business environment with swiftness, confidence, professionalism and credit union spirit. No financial need is too big or too small to be served by Members 1st. We will continually strive to be the people’s champion in the Southcentral Pennsylvania financial services marketplace. We promise to deliver the best possible service to all members, all day, every day.

Today, we are providing our members with our 2017 Calendar as a token of appreciation. Calendars are available at all of our branch locations. The calendar features photos taken by our members that they submitted to our pets and wildlife themed photo contest. Happy International Credit Union Day to all! 




Too many cards? Too little wallet?

woman choose one credit card, concept of  credit  debt

Took advantage of all of those discounts at the register, didn’t you? You know what we’re talking about. It’s those offers that usually sound like this…“We can save you 20% today on this purchase with our store card. Would you like to apply?” To hook you completely, the nice sales associate tells you that you’ll then receive monthly coupon enticements, discounts, and special offers that are only available to their card carrying shoppers. Before you knew it, you ended up with a wallet stuffed with plastic, receipts, coupons, and very little cash. And, your monthly budget was blown out of the water. What’s a shopper to do now?

We’re not saying these offers are good or bad. The holiday season is a particularly vulnerable time for shoppers looking to save a buck or two. We’re simply suggesting that you may want to take a long, hard look at the big picture and determine if your budget can realistically handle numerous offers of credit. Think about your personal finances in the moment, what may be coming due, and your financial goals. Keep in mind that interest rates on store cards can be extremely high – for example one big name national department store card has a flat 24.50% interest rate. Wow – 24.50% APR! And, it doesn’t matter what your credit score is – you’re going to get that 24.50% annual percentage rate.

Things to think about when you’re faced with that at the point-of-sale offer of credit:

  • Weight the pros and cons of the instant savings or bonus points you’d receive with the long term effect. If you’re going to make a big purchase on a store card and carry a balance, whatever it is you just purchased is going to cost a lot more in the long run.
  • Watch out for time sensitive discounts. For example, use your card today to get 10% off on all of your purchases. Often times people tend to spend more because they only hear discount, discount, discount and forget about that balance that’s adding up purchase after purchase after purchase.
  • Keep in mind that when you apply for a store card, your credit report gets hit with a hard inquiry. That means you could drop a few points off of your overall credit score. That drop could have an effect a few months down the road if you are anticipating applying for a mortgage or an auto loan.
  • Read the fine print pertaining to any and all credit card offers. For example, zero percent financing for a year sounds great up front, but the fine print will typically tell you that you’ll end up paying all of the interest at some point if you don’t pay that balance in full within the promotional period.
  • If you’re unsure at all, call the card carrier or department store offices or do some online research to help you avoid an unpleasant financial surprise.

If you find yourself carrying too much plastic in your wallet, consider ways to get those high interest balances under control and making your budgeting process less complicated. Consolidating does simplify your payments. You may want to consider transferring your balances to a lower rate card product such as our Members 1st VISA® Platinum Rewards Credit Card.

Tips for transferring balances:

  • Look for a card that doesn’t charge balance transfer fees or annual fees.
  • Be sure you understand how long the promotional rate lasts.
  • Know what your rate could be when the promotional period ends, how that is determined, and how it affects your remaining transferred balance.
  • Understand the entire rate structure – what is the balance transfer rate, what is the purchase rate, and what is the cash advance rate.
  • Understand how your monthly payments are allocated.
  • Find out what fees are in place or what penalties you may face in the event you’re late with a payment during the promotional time frame.
  • Make your monthly payment using Members 1st Online – simply transfer your payment immediately from your account right to your VISA Credit Card.
  • If you have questions and would like to talk to one of our associates about transferring your balances, contact us at (800) 283-2328, ext. 6040.


Be on Guard Against Scams


Cyber Attacks ConceptScam artists continue their attempts to dupe people, including our members, into giving them money.

Below are a few of the more recent scams that you should keep on your radar:

  • Facebook Impersonation Scams – Scammers take over a friend’s account or make a new fake account with your friend’s information and photos. They tell you that there has been a devastating occurrence or loss, and ask for money to help.
  • Dating Scams – Singles fall for a fake online date, and then send them money to help with plane tickets or tragedies.
  • Investment Scams – The continuing stock market instability lures investors into “sure thing” scams, such as Ponzi schemes, reverse mortgages, penny stocks, and private stock offerings.
  • Phone Impersonation Scams – Crooks pose as relatives, utility employees, or IRS employees to frighten victims into paying alleged fines or medical bills.
  • Lottery and Sweepstakes Scams – Con artists tell victims that they won a lottery or sweepstakes but they have to send money first before their winnings arrive.
  • Advance Fee Scams – Victims receive dud checks for supposed service or employment and are asked to wire back part of the payment before it’s discovered that the check is fake.

Keep yourself and your money safe!

Below are a few tips from our Fraud & Security Center:

  • Supplement Passwords – Some sites you already use may offer more secure ways to login that will make your account harder to hack
  • Watch Friend Requests – Be alert for duplicate requests and only accept requests from friends you know
  • Verify Independently – Check with friends and family over the phone or in person to ensure the requests are legitimate
  • Shred Documents containing sensitive information
  • Never give out personal information such as account numbers and birth date
  • Ask for a phone number to call back or ask to speak to a manager

For additional information, tips and Members 1st security policies, please visit our Fraud & Security Center.

Time to Prepare your Home for Fall!

Use this checklist to prepare your home for fall and the upcoming winter season.

  • Clear out the Guttershouse in fall_15763471_xl
    • Remove leaves and other debris from your drainpipe and gutters to prevent clogging. Before it gets very cold, drain your outdoor faucets to prevent freezing.
  • Clean the Fireplace and Chimney
    • Clear out ash and charred wood yourself, and call a professional for the chimney cleaning. Have the chimney cleaner check the damper to ensure it can be tightly closed to prevent drafts.
  • Check the Heating System
    • Do a survey of your home’s heating vents to make sure they’re not blocked or covered by furniture, carpeting or curtains. Dust all vents and clean all filters. Plus, make an appointment for an annual heating system check-up.
  • Store Air Conditioners
    • If you have removable window air conditioners, be sure to unplug them before taking them down. Once they are out of your windows, dust and clean them before covering or storing.
  • Check for Drafts
    • Stay warm, save energy, and reduce your heating bills by examining windows and doors for cracks. If you do find drafts, be sure to seal them properly.
  • Put up Storm Windows
    • If you have removable screens, now’s the time to clean, store, and replace them with storm windows.
  • Ready the Water Heater
    • Prepare for cooler weather by draining the water heater and clearing out any debris that has settled in the tank.

 Information courtesy of ReadersDigest.com.

Need Cash for your Home Repairs?

Contact us about our promotional Home Equity Line of Credit rate!

Visit members1st.org or call us at (800) 283-2328, ext. 6040.

Shrewsbury Branch Grand Opening Event Slated for Saturday

We hope to see you at our celebration event on Saturday!

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Thank you for all of your votes!

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Thank you for selecting us as BEST CREDIT UNION in all of the various local readership awards contests. We are happy to announce we’ve been honored with the following:

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Back-to-School Savings for your Household Budget

Education, Back to School, Shopping
Students aren’t the only ones who’ll need to pull out the pens, paper, and calculators for the back-to-school season. Parents who want to keep back-to-school spending under control should consider doing the same.

Backpacks, paper, books, pens, pencils, calculators, computers, clothes and shoes are basic necessities that can add up quickly and become significant expenses for any household. Developing and sticking to a solid spending plan is the key to avoiding overspending. If you are in charge of back-to-school shopping, here are tips to help keep your budget on track:

Develop a back-to-school budget

Take time to develop a monthly budget if you don’t already have one in place. Review your income and regular expenses, and determine your back-to-school spending goal based on what you can afford.

Take an inventory of school necessities

If you missed Spring-cleaning, this is a good time to pull out your child’s clothing, shoes and supplies for an inventory of what’s still useable. Have the kids try on clothes and shoes to see if they still fit. Consider donating clothes that no longer fit to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Be sure to get a receipt, since the items could be applied to your personal income taxes as charitable contributions. Another option is to sell the old clothing to a store that specializes in reselling used clothing. Use the money to buy clothes for the new season.

Create a comprehensive shopping list

Now that you’ve taken inventory, create a shopping list of your child’s needs. The list should include additional clothing, school, athletic, and scout uniforms, yearbooks, eyeglasses, classroom supplies, and musical instruments. Write down your children’s sizes and special colors needed for items like uniforms. Carry your shopping list to keep you on track.

Involve children in decision-making

Tell children what the spending goal is and how they can help meet the goal by choosing perhaps two outfits, instead of three. Help them understand how recycling clothes, lunch boxes, book bags, and notebook binders is not only good for the environment, but also good for the household budget.

Shop for the best prices

Get the best value for your dollar by checking for coupons and sales. Listen for TV and radio commercials and check your local Sunday newspaper for back-to-school and clearance sales. Also check department store apps – i.e., Target Cartwheel, etc.

Check for sales tax holidays

Check with your local government officials to see if a tax-free back-to-school shopping holiday is authorized in your area. A number of states have designated days that coincide with back-to-school shopping. The holiday offers local residents a chance to purchase clothing and school supplies tax-free! Some sales tax holidays even include computers. It can be an immediate savings for your back-to-school budget.

Limit expensive brands

You can save money on clothes and selected school supplies by purchasing generic or lesser-known brands. Always be sure the lesser-known brands are durable and quality products.

Use credit wisely

Pay with cash if possible. Try layaway if you need time to save up for purchases. If you have to use credit, use your Members 1st VISA® Platinum Cash Back credit card to earn cash toward your purchases. Plus, limit purchases to items you can pay off in 90 days. If you have more than one credit card, use the card with the lowest interest rate to minimize the amount you’ll have to pay back. Remember, using a credit card is like taking out a short-term loan.

Information courtesy of GreenPath Financial Wellness


For more information about our Credit and Debit Cards, click here!

Be sure to check out our Advice Center for more helpful tips for students and parents!




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