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Sophie and Andrea

What defines a great company to work for? How about its commitment to their employee’s futures?  Here at Members 1st FCU we invest in our employees now and their futures by offering trainings that will help them grow professionally as well as offering them the opportunity to retire with a pension and a 401(k).  Today we sat down with our two Branch Management Trainees, Sophie and Andrea, to learn a little bit more about what they do and why they think Members 1st FCU is simply the best!

Tell us about the Branch Management Trainee position, what is the purpose?

(Andrea) The Branch Management Trainee position is a 9-month program dedicated to us learning different leadership styles within the credit union and branches by visiting the different departments.  We also get the opportunity to see how each department affects the branches and vice versa.  At the end of the program we will each become Assistant Branch Managers at one of our branches.

When and where did you start with the credit union?

(Sophie) I started about 4 years ago as a part-time teller at our Hershey 39 branch. After 2 years of being a part-time teller I moved to our Middletown branch as a Member Service Representative level I, or MSR I, and worked my way up to an MSR II.

(Andrea) I have been with the credit union for about a year now.  I started as an MSR I at our Carlisle Pike branch and was a Head Teller at Carlisle Pike before I was selected for the Branch Management Trainee position.

What is your favorite part of the program?

(Andrea) My favorite part of the program has been getting the opportunity to meet so many people within the credit union and getting to expand my network of resources.

(Sophie) I’ve really enjoyed getting to meet all of the people we know from talking on the phone while in the branches.  It’s nice to be able to put a face to the name and also to gage their leadership styles.

It was great getting the chance to talk with these young professionals of Members 1st!  Check out our Careers Page to see what opportunities we have for you. If you’d like to hear more about what they had to say visit our FaceBook page and watch our 2 Minute Topic video.

Pre-approved Auto Loans

Before you shop and get your heart set on a certain make and model, wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how much car you can realistically afford? With a pre-approved auto loan, you can shop  and feel good about that potential purchase and how it will impact your budget.

little_car_on_money2Buying a car is typically the second-largest purchase you’ll make after a house. Like with any loan, you’re going to have monthly payments. Those payments mean a fixed payment, every month, at the interest rate you qualified for based on your credit history, for a certain length of time. If you can’t afford those payments down the road, you could end up losing your car or may have to sell it and start over to get something more affordable. A great perk of a pre-approved auto loan is that it helps you figure out how to fit that monthly payment into your current budget. It also gives you time to make any necessary adjustments. Use our financial calculators to help you work out your numbers.

Having a pre-approved auto loan transforms you into a “cash buyer” and in turn, puts you in the driver’s seat  when you’re at the dealership. It will help you be in a better position when negotiating your purchase and will help you stay on track because you already know exactly what you can spend. Be sure that while you are shopping and looking at the prices that you keep in mind that there will be sales tax and other fees that will go into the deal before you can drive away. And, if you have a trade in, that could be a plus or you may choose to sell your current vehicle yourself. In any case, keep your potential trade in well maintained, cleaned and  have an idea of its current going rate by checking out its Kelley Blue Book value or through

 Ready to get started? A Members 1st Pre-Approved Auto Loan allows you to lock in your rate for 30 days until you make your decision. All rates are based on the model year. We offer a variety of terms to suit your needs. Check out our auto loan rates today and get ready to apply.

Note: Be sure to ask us about Member Value Protection. This is optional  coverage you can elect to have when you apply for your loan. It gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your monthly loan payments will be cancelled in the event of death, disability or involuntary unemployment.

Party’s On at our Mount Joy Branch

We hope to see you at our celebration event. Mark your calendars now.


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